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Bladder volume measurement

Measurement of bladder volume is quick and easy to perform. Point-of-care machines will usually have a built in bladder volume calculation. With the patient supine place your transducer transversely just above the pubic symphysis. If the bladder is relatively empty you may need to angle the probe down into the pelvis. Once you have identified the bladder fan the probe back and forth until you find the largest cross-sectional area of the bladder and freeze the image. Enter the calculation function of you machine and select bladder volume. You will find three measurements which need to be taken, length, width and height. These are multiplied together to calculate the volume. Select width and place calipers across the maximum width of the bladder. Save the measurement. It is also good practice to save the image to demonstrate what you have measured. Rotate the probe into a sagittal position and obtain a…

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