About us

ACCT Education was established in 2019 by four emergency physicians: Andreas Crede, Chris Connolly, Chris Yap and Tom Locker. Our aim is to deliver the best possible training for clinicians working in acute and emergency care. What we teach on our courses is what we do in our day-to-day practice.

Andreas Crede

Andreas Crede

I am an emergency medicine consultant working in Sheffield. I trained at both undergraduate and post graduate level in Cape Town, South Africa , completing the FCEM and obtaining a Masters in Emergency Medicine from Stellenbosch University.

After specialising I initially worked in Leicester in the emergency department before moving to Sheffield where I have been since 2013. I was clinical lead in Emergency Medicine from 2016 to 2019.

I have an interest in medical toxicology having completed my PgDip in toxicology from Cardiff University and aim to complete my Masters in Medical Toxicology in the near future. I have been teaching level 1 ultrasound skills on a day to day basis as part of my daily practice and taught on a number of level 1 ultrasound courses.

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly

I’m an Emergency Medicine consultant working in Sheffield with a passion for Medical Education. I’ve been involved with RCEMLearning since it’s inception, and am now joint clinical chair of e-learning at the college and believe that asynchronous and e-learning are well suited to the delivery of theoretical knowledge for the busy EP.

I passionately believe that deliberate practice and training in Emergency Medicine skills leads to improved performance in those skills which in turn leads to better patient care. and outcomes.

I am a firm believer that the modern and competent Emergency Physician should be have good POCUS skills, should be an expert in ECG interpretation and that attention to basics in clinical care can have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Chris Yap

I graduated from Leicester Medical School a long time ago and trained in Singapore and the East Midlands before moving to Sheffield to train in Emergency Medicine.

I have a Diploma in Medical Ultrasound from Teesside University as part of a lifelong quest to advance my POCUS (point of care ultrasound) skills.

Other personal learning journeys are to be a better snowboarder, road cyclist and mountain biker.

Tom Locker

Tom Locker

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1996 and went on to train in Emergency Medicine in South Yorkshire. I was initially appointed as a consultant in Emergency Medicine at Barnsley Hospital in 2008. In 2012 I moved to the Emergency Department at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the regional major trauma centre. 

As a trainee I completed my MD in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at The University of Sheffield and then subsequently worked at ScHARR as the director of clinical research training. 

In addition to my clinical work I have developed a number of mobile apps in the area of acute and emergency care (www.lindumedical.co.uk).

When not working I am likely to be found trying to improve my mountain biking skills around Sheffield and The Peak District.